Someone did a bellyflop, I woke up and the world went pop!
Popcorn went everywhere, in my eyes and through my hair.
I went to a farm to get away, and there it was I had to stay
Theres’s  a popcorn bull and a popcorn lamb
With popcorn, skull’s saying I AM
Octoselpus taking pictures and getting in the way
Then my eyes began to sway as the popcorn girl saved the day,
with her  popcorn shoes, and her popcorn dress, she began to clean up the mess
I know I’m starting to rattle n hum,
as she bent down and I saw her popcorn bum,
I know it may sound strange to you, but I really liked those popcorn shoe’s
Something’s clearly come to me, Popcorn world is the place for

Popcorn trump
lamb popcorn
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